Bubble Cube

The Bubble Cube pattern may be one of the easiest patterns ever created for the beginner knitter. I'm certain that it's been done thousands of times, but I can't find a "pattern". I know it's so easy a lot of people don't need one, but for people that are completely new to the world of knitting what is better than something tiny, in garter stitch that isn't just a square. A Bubble Cube is basically a cube shaped baseball.

Possibly a perfect first project. Scarves are too long and the second end will almost always look different as the beginner improves. Even a dishcloth can be a huge undertaking, not to mention cotton isn't exactly a beginner yarn. Gauges just aren't rewarding and if you try to convince someone it can be a blanket square you'll be amazed how quickly they get distracted.

It's an ideal learning project because you have to make two peices, you can practice casting on and casting off multiple times.

  • Yarn (Learners suggestions: acrylic is cheap and easy to learn with, wool is also nice but you might want to save it and not use it for a first project. Weights that would be appropriate are Double Knit and Worsted, Sport and anything in between will probably be all right. Nothing too fine and probably nothing too big as you want to be able to see your stitches.)
  • Needles (If you're learning 4.5 to 5.5mm is probably a good range, plastic and wood are lighter than metal and you're less likely to lose stitches. It is not recommended to use needles that are the same colour as your yarn.
  • Tapestry needle to sew the two pieces together
  • A small amount of stuffing. Polyester is good but in a pinch you can use a few cotton balls.
  • Casting on.
  • Garter stitch (knit every row.)
  • Casting off.
  • You'll be making two separate pieces that are three times as long as they are with if the number of rows are just not working out, do what ever feels right, garter stitch is stretchy and hides many sins. You do however want to make the two pieces as alike as you can.
  • Sew it together however you like, over sew, blanket stitch, baseball stitch, whatever floats your boat. Don't forget to stuff it before you finish.
  • Have fun, don't get frustrated.
Cast on 10 sts.
Knit ~54 rows.
Cast off.
Make a second rectangle.
Lay out like a "T" and sew pieces together following along the edges.

For an even faster bubble cube you can use 6 stitches and knit for 25 rows or 8 stitches and knit for 41 rows.

Good luck, hopefully I'll have some more really easy projects coming out soon.
This won't take even a beginner more than a few days, an accomplished knitter could probably finish in an hour or two.

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  1. And for a second project, a beginning knitter could make each rectangle in stockinette.